New website and blog

I finally finished my new website and blog! This is the reason for the long absence from this blog. I will be updating the new blog regularly. Check it out and the new website at www.lucycall.com
Thank you to everyone who reads this blog! I appreciate your support.


Antique Store

For work, I mostly photograph homes, condos and resorts which is great, but I always welcome that rare shoot that varies from the usual places (although I once photographed a horse surgical center and I think that just freaked me out on so many levels; I won't expand upon that).

But today I photographed an antique store. I was in heaven. The owner even had her pet pug there. Antiques and pugs...I was a happy woman. I ended up leaving with a stack of things that I bought once I finished the shoot, which kind of defeated the purpose of working, but it was worth it.


Fresh Sage

Sage from my parents garden in December. . . global warming has its perks.


Christmas Dinner

I made Christmas dinner for my family this year. . . an entirely vegetarian dinner. They were a bit hesitant to forego their yearly ham, but I think it turned out pretty well and they survived.

The Menu
grilled zucchini with goat cheese and herbs
roasted fennel and hazelnut salad with shallot dressing
butternut squash and caramelized onion galette...again, its really good
braised seitan with roasted tomatoes, brussels sprouts and kale over mashed potatoes



The Menu
roasted chestnuts
leek and potato soup
butternut squash, carrot and ginger ravioli
roasted beets, carrots and brussels sprouts with garlic and thyme
butternut squash and caramelized onion galette
pumpkin bread pudding