White on white and black on black

Physics and technical writing are sucking up all of my time. It seems that I am able to find enough time to go out and photograph, but not enough to edit anything. So until all of the madness of writing papers and studying all of many models for the atom (or whatever the heck we are doing) ends and I have time to work on some recent stuff, here are a couple of photographs that I took a while back. Oh and on a side note, the writing on the napkin was done by my brother who is an aspiring writer. It took him like 30 seconds to come up with that. Pretty impressive. You'll probably need a magnifying glass to read it though.



I recently did a photo shoot with this lovely lady. This is just a little peak at what is to come.

Leland & Burgundy

The other day, I photographed my brother and his girl and they brought their puppies, so I took some photos of them too. It was kind of like photographing little children because my brother would stand behind me and say their names to get them to look, the same way you do with a child. It was silly. I will post the photos of the two of them soon enough, but here are some puppy ones for now. These photos make me so happy, I want to steal these little guys.


Pudong Airport, Shanghai

China photos at last! I thought I would start off with some photos of the Pudong airport in Shanghai. After 20 long hours in an airplane or airport and several doses of dramamine, we finally arrived in Shanghai. Right from the start, I was completely blown away by the architecture of Shanghai. It was like nothing I had seen before. Maybe that just means I need to get out more, but either way it was pretty amazing. Fortunately, our plane arrived a little early, so I was able to wander around a bit and take a few photos.