The Menu
roasted chestnuts
leek and potato soup
butternut squash, carrot and ginger ravioli
roasted beets, carrots and brussels sprouts with garlic and thyme
butternut squash and caramelized onion galette
pumpkin bread pudding



Savannah & Jake

My lovely friend Savannah is getting married and I am so excited for her. It was so fun photographing these two. They are both so laid back and fun to shoot. Here are a few from our shoot.


Sarah & Brandon

Last month, I had the chance to photograph Sarah and Brandon's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and they looked great and were so photogenic. They made my job pretty easy. Congratulations to you both!


At last!

I am posting something! The reason for my disappearance is that I have a new job! It is pretty exciting. I am working for a company doing architectural photography. Here are a few photos of some of the work I have done so far.


I'm still alive...

I still exist, sort of, and take photos, I will post some new stuff soon.


Em's Sorbet

I have been working on something new; more on that later when there is more to tell. But here's a little something from that for now.

In the beautiful Marmalade District in downtown Salt Lake City is this amazing restaurant called Em's. Everything about this restaurant is amazing - food, atmosphere, staff, everything!
I would highly recommend checking it out if you are in the area.

271 North Center Street
Salt Lake City, UT


Pointless photos

I think I am in need of a pick me up post. These photos have absolutely no artistic merit to them, so don't get your hopes up. I usually never post things like this, but they make me smile, so I can't resist. I will post something with some form of photographic quality to it, or at least what I believe does, later today. Until then, enjoy these ridiculous photos from Portland.

I really love Frodo's wine of choice. My brother was the one behind this one. So good.


Peaceful Uprising

I think I am a bit overdue for another posting streak. Maybe, I'll actually start posting a bit more consistently, rather than all at once for a few days and then disappearing for weeks at a time, we'll see.

Either way, here are some photos from an event that the organization Peaceful Uprising put on in order to raise support and awareness for the Tim DeChristopher trial.

Alex Ebert from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros played at the event with a band that he met just hours before the show. Steve, who is mainly featured below (because I am slightly bias) and a fan of Alex's, put together the whole band and memorized a bunch of songs in just a week! He is an incredibly talented musician as were the others involved. It was a really great show!


Giant Pink Cookie

Most wonderful tasting pink cookie ever and a nice stomach ache to follow as expected.



I usually announce any shows that I get into on facebook, but since I deactivated my account and have since not felt the desire to activate it again, I thought I would do a post on here for it instead.

So as you can guess, I got three photos into a show! The show is in Austin, Texas at Studio2Gallery. The exhibit is for music themed photography. So if you are in the Austin area anytime between March 12-April 2, check it out! Otherwise, two of the three photos are on here. And eventually I'll post the third one.

And if anyone is in Portland who glances at this blog occasionally, I have a photo in the Newspace Gallery as well until the end of the month.


Reeding Design

Pretty much a billion years ago, I photographed some design work for my friend Reeding. It has sat on my computer since then and I finally decided to look through it and post some of it. Reeding is a really talented designer as you can see. To see more of his stuff, check out his website www.reeding.net.


Hires Big H

As promised, here are a few shots of the Hires Big H products and food/drinks that you can make with them. Hopefully you have ice cream nearby if it does for you, what it do for me. I was craving a shake the entire time I was editing.