China Exhibit

I would love to see anyone that can make it. It would make my day.


Bear Lake camping trip

The trip pretty much went like this: drove to bear lake, took this photo in route, listened to rap music, wished I was deaf, set up tents in dark, campfire (always a good time), slept, got bit by mosquitoes, face swelled up, went to the lake, rained, watched dogs try to swim, rained some more, was over trip, drove home, total time of trip=23 hours.


Paris, France

Three years ago today, I was boarding a plane to this loving place. How I do miss it.


Un-engagement Photos

Recently my brother and his girl moved to Portland which is amazing for him, but sucks at the same time because we have always been super close (as brother and sister and in proximity). It is finally hitting me that the they are no longer a 45 minute drive away, so I thought it would be a good time to post these photos of the two of them. They wanted some photos of them before they moved and wanted to make sure they didn't look too much like engagement photos, hence the title.

If the two of you are reading this, don't be total Utah haters and come back every once in awhile.

I promise that I am not obsessed with photographing dogs or anything. These little guys are just the most beautiful puppies and I this photo makes me laugh.

Lotus Cafe

I just spent the last hour trying to upload an image. Blogger has the potential to turn me into the grumpiest human ever and it succeeded today. I hate how technology can do that.