I usually announce any shows that I get into on facebook, but since I deactivated my account and have since not felt the desire to activate it again, I thought I would do a post on here for it instead.

So as you can guess, I got three photos into a show! The show is in Austin, Texas at Studio2Gallery. The exhibit is for music themed photography. So if you are in the Austin area anytime between March 12-April 2, check it out! Otherwise, two of the three photos are on here. And eventually I'll post the third one.

And if anyone is in Portland who glances at this blog occasionally, I have a photo in the Newspace Gallery as well until the end of the month.


  1. Way to go Lucy! I'm anxious to see the third one! I totally deactivated my facebook account as well, it's such a pain in the behind.

  2. Lucy Congrats! That is so totally awesome!

  3. how are you SOOOOOO amazing??!!?!?!?!?!?!?! I DONT GET IT!!!! you so talented my love! Im glad these people can see it too!!!